Deanna Belsky

Postdoctoral Associate
Deanna  Belsky
Deanna earned a BS in Biochemistry and a BA in Asian Studies at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2011, graduating summa cum laude. She also spent a summer at Sichuan University studying Mandarin.
She earned her PhD from Rockefeller University studying ALS in the Tessier-Lavigne laboratory, and completed her postdoctoral work in the Tessier-Lavigne at Stanford University, studying general molecular mechanisms in neurodegeneration.
Deanna works currently as an Associate at Dolby Family Ventures. Prior to joining the Dolby Family Ventures team, Deanna worked at a boutique biotech hedge fund and a life sciences consulting firm. Her responsibilities included scientific diligence of company technology and therapeutics, competitive landscape analysis, evaluating clinical trials, and forecast modeling