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Paul Frazel

Life Sciences Research Professional
Paul  Frazel

Paul hails from the south side of Chicago.  He was a double major in Biology and Philosophy at Dartmouth College, graduating in 2015.  As an undergraduate, Paul spent all four years at Darmouth working in the laboratory of Dr. Bryan Luikart, studying the molecular mechanisms underlying Pten-Macrocephaly syndrome, a syndromic form of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Paul's initial Tessier-Lavigne Lab projects involved employing mouse epiblast stem cells to study commissural axon guidance in the developing spinal cord. Paul moved with the lab to Stanford in 2016-2017, where he switched gears to use CRISPR to interrogate how sensory neurons respond to multiple types of injury. Outside of the lab, Paul volunteered with the Crisis Text Line organization and sang in a choral group at Stanford.

Paul is currently interested in rodent vocal communication as a broad tool for studying ADSs, and he hopes to study this phenomena for his PhD at NYU, where he is an MD/PhD dual-degree student in the NYU MSTP.